Local Government is for the local community. Access for people living and working in a community plays a vital role in collaborative decision making, leading to effective local governance.  The community is empowered by Council policies and processes enabling public participation at higher levels of engagement.

I am standing for election in Glen Waverley Ward in October 2016. I am a Glen Waverley citizen – I am one of you: the people who choose to live here, who help the community grow and develop and who will continue to create a better community into the future.

My goal is to strive to Give Council Back to the Community by advocating for:

  • Review of Local Law 1, including Public Question Time, to develop community friendly procedures enabling real public input to meetings
  • Public participation in the early design stages of Council projects e.g., participation before the specifications are given to consultants/contractors
  • Public access to recording / broadcasting of Council meetings to enable people with disabilities and others who cannot attend meetings  access to proceedings and performance of their elected representatives
  • Opening the doors at Council to improve transparency and giving the community better access to Council decision making processes. Involving the community in decision making at the higher levels of the IAP2  spectrum and in accordance with the  Good Governance Guide
  • Increasing the focus on sustainability and environment in projects within the Monash municipality. Advocacy for walking and cycling routes, including investigation of extending the off road bicycle path from Syndal to the City to an access point in Glen Waverley.
  • Valuing the uniqueness of the Dandenong Creek escarpment in the north of the municipality and fostering the much loved green, garden character of Glen Waverley. Issues include the impact of development, the removal of established trees and the impact of increased traffic.
  • Valuing the cultural and diverse Monash Community by promoting inclusivity. Fostering understanding and embracing of differences and working to prevent any barriers in community engagement and interaction. Advocacy for open space as culturally neutral areas to foster cross-cultural social interaction.

Have I missed something important to you?
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Waverley Leader 2 December 2014 p 3