Last weekend there was a knock at the door. ‘I remember you from the aged care dispute,’ the man told me, ‘I was at the protest. I will support your campaign.  What can I do?’

The community is voting with their feet for independent candidates in the  Glen Waverley Ward in the City of Monash. Volunteers have come with a positive spirit that carries through to all aspects of our campaigns.

Vote Independent

Vote 1 Gayle Nicholas

Vote 2 Lynnette Saloumi

and put a number in each square on your ballot paper.

Team Gayle distributed 10,000 campaign leaflets across the Ward, talked to people, put up signs in their gardens and introduced me to their relatives and neighbours. We are out and about again now delivering How To Vote leaflets. Ask us about electing independents, candidates who will represent the people of Glen Waverley, to Council.


Team Gayle welcomes new members (preferably not camera shy but photos aren’t compulsory! ) If you would like to join please give me a call on 0477 513 333 or email


Our youngest campaigner


Cyril & Elsie have so much four footed fun dropping leaflets they brought a friend along!


 Attending Church with a friend reminded me of the importance of compassion in the community


Our volunteer designer has made a huge difference to our campaign

Leaflet dropping with the girls can be fun!


Tai Chi with friends is a great way to relax after campaigning

 img_5685-jpg-1Families, friends & neighbours support independents

New friends join the team

Do  you support independent candidates in Glen Waverley Ward?
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