Ballot Packs will be posted next week (4 – 6th October). Casting your vote carefully is important in building a community that will ensure the future of Monash.

My conversations with community members over the last few weeks have revealed or confirmed the ten observations below:

  1. Compassion is needed in local government. Decisions affect people.  Change affects people. Recognising the impact of a decision is important to all.
  2. Party Politics has no place in local government.  In particular a majority of any political party in Monash Council is NOT wanted by the people.  They have had enough of political scenarios being played out in Council.
  3. Councillors who commit to the full 4 year term are preferred over Councillors who leave mid-term to pursue political ambitions.
  4. The community want Councillors who represent community interests, take an interest and join in what is happening in the community. Councillors need to bring the community’s concerns to Council.
  5. The idea of a Councillor living in the Ward and known to the people is very appealing to the community.  Apathy about Council reduces when the community can easily  interact with their representative, especially in locations around the community.
  6. The community will NOT be ‘dumbed down’.  It is aware of poor decision making, being excluded and political power plays.  The community is more than capable of being involved in decision making.
  7. A large segment of the community is NOT aware of proposed development, including proposed high rise development in Glen Waverley Central e.g., on Central Car Park.
  8. There is a perception of inequality:  ‘community members cannot get action from Council but developers do what they like.’ e.g., cutting down trees.
  9. Community  members enjoy talking to candidates.  Some ask, ‘Who are the Councillors for the Glen Waverley Ward?’  Most say they have never spoken to a Councillor or Candidate before.
  10. The community is becoming more aware of the spin and misleading statements on (some) campaign publications.


I have told the community I am an independent candidate.
This means I have no membership in or any affiliation with a political party.
I have organised my campaign with help from local residents.

I said I have lived locally for 30 years.
Locally is in the Glen Waverley Ward itself.

My only motivation to stand for Council is to represent the people of Glen Waverley. Community views will influence me and political party platforms will not.


Vote for Community.  Vote for Independents.  Vote for Representation.

Vote 1 Gayle Nicholas