I have been talking to the people I meet out and about in Glen Waverley about more public participation in decision making in Monash.  A Citizen’s Jury is one method of involving the community i.e. YOU in decision making.  It is currently being used in Geelong (see video below) to set up a new Council and has been used by Melbourne City Council on budget matters.

Before voting ask candidates how they will change the current authoritarian decision making model in the City of Monash.

In this You Tube video  A ‘Citizen’s Jury’ of 100 people is to review feedback from the community on what the new Council should look like. Melbourne City Council used a Citizen’s Jury on budget matters. If I am elected I will strive for more community involvement in decision making.


 Click on the arrow head in the middle of the screen below to start the video.

For more Public Participation in decision making:

Vote 1 Gayle Nicholas in Glen Waverley Ward.

Ask candidates for their policies on Public Participation before voting.

Other candidates who have been openly supporting Public Participation in their campaigns are welcome to add comments to this page