For a better Glen Waverley, focussed on community:
VOTE 1 Gayle Nicholas
VOTE 2 Lynnette Saloumi

Two How to Vote fliers

IMAGE ABOVE: The original How To Vote flier is on the left.  The one on the right changes the order of preferences and differs from all other election materials circulated by this candidate. (It is not known who is responsible for the changed order of preferences.) These are not the only changed fliers circulating.  Iona Devendran’s order of preferences have been similarly altered.

On 9 October, after voting had started fliers were discovered that changed the voting order.  In particular Gayle Nicholas and Lynnette Saloumi were dropped down the preference list.  It is still unknown who distributed these lists.  The original lists spelt Lynnette Saloumi’s name correctly – with a double NN. There are some newer fliers in circulation incorrect spelling i.e. Lynette. Check the Candidate Statement that comes with the Ballot Pack for the original voting orders or go to How To Vote

Earlier in the campaign I became aware of the circulation two fliers with content about another candidate in Glen Waverley Ward in City of Monash. One has a ridiculously tiny authorisation from Victorian Ratepayers.  The Ratepayers Groups have stated they did not give approval for their name to be used to authorise leaflets.


My campaign has been within all guidelines set by the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC).  I have campaigned on my integrity, policies, my ideas for governance in Monash and my goal of representing the people.

Two fliers distributed in the Glen Waverley Ward with my permission are pictured below. One is a red DL flier with information on my bid for Council the other is a Black & White How to Vote flier. Another Black & white A5 flier with my authorisation was distributed on 9 & 10 October. All have my authorisation on them.