The Mayne Report 4 Oct 2016 on the state of the local election in Monash paints a grim picture:  Party Politics is ruling Monash.

Monash: The Liberals are putting their biggest effort (more than $100,000) into Monash as they attempt to end the long term control of Labor mayor Geoff Lake. This appears to be the only genuine Liberal vs Labor contest in the state and the numbers could very well finish with 4 Libs and 4 ALP councillors. The Liberal dirt sheet on Geoff Lake was pretty low, re-heating that old Kevin Rudd stuff from 2013 which got slated by the Press Council. For the record, Lake’s disendorsement was reviewed by Brumby era Victorian Treasurer John Lenders (a former Victorian ALP state secretary), who concluded that he was harshly treated.


Vote independent to ‘Give Council Back to the Community’

If either of the major parties gets a majority in Council there is the risk the voting will be once again dominated by party politics.  A safeguard is voting independent.  However the word ‘independent’ is sometimes used by members of political parties: Let the Voter Beware.

I don’t know all the genuine independents running in Monash but here is a list of those I understand are truly independent i.e. they are NOT members of a political party. (Please let me know if you believe any of the candidates below are political party members!).

Be careful who you give your preferences to – you do not have to follow How To Vote lists!  Independents inevitably preference candidates from a political party (not much choice!) so do check out the preferences as well as the candidate.

Glen Waverley Ward

Gayle Nicholas

Lynnette Saloumi

Vincent Chow

Oakleigh Ward

Bill Pontikis

Frank Cresia

Mulgrave Ward

Steve Yanko

Mt Waverley Ward

Rebecca Paterson

Members of the Australian Greens are running  in Mulgrave, Mt Waverley and Oakleigh.  They have all openly declared their political party membership and cannot, on their own, gain a political majority.

Help Monash by circulating this information!

Independents commit to serving a full term on Council.

Robert Davies, Theo Zographos, Stephen Dimopolous, Paul Klisaris, Stefanie Perri and Geoff Lake all stood for federal or state seats during their last Council term.