Today, Saturday 22 October 2016, was officially Election Day for local Councils in Victoria.  With postal voting now closed it is time to reflect on my campaign for election to Monash Council.  In truth it was ‘our’ campaign as so many community members worked tirelessly with me to bring about change in Monash. Volunteers dropped 20,000 leaflets in letter boxes, handed out leaflets at “Meet & Greets” at various locations around Glen Waverley, introduced me to their neighbours, invited me to their church or club and are now preparing to scrutineer.  I can’t thank you enough for making this a truly community campaign.

On 31 October the names of the elected Councillors will be announced.  Whatever the outcome for our team it will be positive.  We have talked to so many people about how Council can be more participatory, about the importance of having a say and about what representation on Council should be. I believe we have increased community awareness and given people the opportunity to have their say.  The community has been talking about its expectations of Council.

We have made an impression on the future of Monash.

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