I have not been successful in my bid for Monash Council.  1412 people voted 1 for me.  I estimate another 300 – 400 first votes would have got me through the preference clunking. As it was I was the third last person to go out as preferences were distributed.  I can’t pretend I am not disappointed as I had it in my heart to serve the people of Glen Waverley.  However, I am very pleased to see Lynnette Saloumi, a Glen Waverley resident and independent candidate elected as our representative.

What ever the outcome I have had a worthwhile experience out on the campaign trail.  I have met people, had the most interesting conversations and become a whole lot more aware of the area in which I live.  Once again I thank the local residents who worked hard to support me.

Whereto from here?  I am not sure.  For over three years I have written submissions, asked questions, attended Council meetings and become both aware of and disillusioned by local council.  At the moment I feel I have had enough of knocking my head against a brick wall and would like to take on a more positive role in the community or workplace. Time will tell.

Please, if I have met you along the way, feel free to keep in touch.

You may find me at the Waverley Historical Society Inc as I will now have more time to contribute to this warm, friendly and interesting community group. Yes, this society covers Glen Waverley and Mulgrave as well as Mt Waverley! Or maybe you’ll find me in a local park practising Tai Chi with my friends from Tai Chi Australia (yes my husband and I are both in the header photo – LOL!).

I urge you to keep your interest in local government alive by following Empowering Monash and YOU (EM&U), a group which gives the community the opportunity to express their views.  The numbers of people following this group have been steadily increasing over the last two years. If your views are inclusive and related to local government (especially Monash), aged care or sustainability you may be able to publish on this site. There is always room for people who would like to progress this group too.  The web page is at https://monashandyou.wordpress.com – click the ‘Follow’ button on the top left hand side to get an email whenever a post is published.  There is a Facebook page: @EMonashU and Twitter @EMonashU

There are two major issues I would like EM&U to take up following the election:

  1. Recording and broadcasting of meetings
    This was first taken up by EM&U two years ago.  Following my campaign and discussions with many community members I can see how very much residents want this.  There are so many reasons people need this as getting to meetings is just not a reality.  It is also inclusive as many people with disabilities or CALD backgrounds can be given access asynchronously.  It is hard to understand how Councils can get away with not recording and broadcasting meetings given the latter point.
  2. Representation of women in Council
    Across Victoria the number of women elected to at this election Council has increased.  Monash Council’s representation has decreased by 50%!  Previously there were 4 female Councillors, now there are only 2.  It is my view the Council needs to find other ways of involving women in decision making for Council.

Stay in touch by popping over to Empowering Monash & YOU and clicking on the ‘Follow’ button (top left) NOW.