VOTE 1 Gayle Nicholas

Glen Waverley Ward

How To Vote 如何投票

The right to vote has been hard earned.  Please appreciate yours and vote wisely.

Give Council Back to the Community.

How to Vote


 1 Nicholas, Gayle


2. Lynnette Saloumi

Fill in every square for your vote to count


In the City of Monash Ballot Packs will  be posted on 4th, 5th and  6th October.  They may take 2 days to arrive and members of a household may receive their packs on different days.

Follow instructions on the ballot paper you receive in the ballot pack. Ballot papers should be completed and posted by 6 pm on Friday 21 October. In Glen Waverley Ward there are 9 candidates.  Number every square from 1 to 9 in the order you prefer. Your vote will only be counted if there is a number in each square.

Below is my full list of my candidate preferences in Glen Waverley Ward, Monash Council and the Candidate Statement that will appear in the Ballot Pack you receive.

Candidates appear in  the order they appear on the ballot paper but this is not a copy of the ballot paper.


WARNING:  Some “How To Vote” lists have been changed by persons unknown since publication of the Candidates’ Statements.  Changed statements have been letterboxed dropped.  Iona Devendran and Chloe Fu’s preferences have changed since the preference agreement to drop independent candidates lower down the preference list.  I have consistently honoured the preference agreement (as in the list above) throughout the campaign. If unsure check the candidate statement before voting. See: Fliers-circulating-in-glen-waverley-ward/



Thank you to our wonderful teams of local residents.  I am overwhelmed by your support and dedication to
‘Give Council back to the Community’

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