VOTE 1 Gayle Nicholas

Glen Waverley Ward



I was one of the Monash residents presenting to Planning Panels Victoria over the two week period beginning 5 September 2016.  My presentation put the case for returning the northern creek escarpment to NRZ4.  I referred to maps from as early as 1945 showing the water flow through the area.  One map shows the Melbourne Water flood area east of Highvale Secondary College – an area currently zoned GRZ4 (general residential).


Nicholas G & M (December 2015) A walk on the Dandenong Creek Escarpment

Dandenong Creek Escarpment Walk final

Late in 2015 we learned Cr Geoff Lake was proposing to cut back the area zoned creek escarpment in northern Glen Waverley. An invitation was sent to all Councillors inviting them to join us for a walk on the escarpment.  Some of the Councillors responded to the invitation, others didn’t reply and only Cr Robert Davies joined us for the walk.  These notes outline the walk and points of interest about the creeks and water flow through this area.  Please leave comments to let us know whether you have had flooding in the area and what you think about zoning in the area.


Nicholas G & others (July 2015) Submission to Monash Council C120

A Community Proposal for an Alternative Vision for Central Car Park and the Glen Waverley Activity Centre

The names of the 39 signatories to this document have been removed for privacy reasons. The vision came from the heart.  People believed the vision they had of green and open space in Central Glen Waverley would give rise to a liveable and lovable city.  We are very disappointed at the prospect of high rise development on Central Car Park.


Nicholas, Gayle (30 May 2014) Budget submission

I urge Council to involve Community members much earlier in the budget planning process. Handing out a practically finished product and then ticking the boxes on community feedback is not genuine consultation.  Stop sitting back and waiting for the community to come to you – get out there and find the community to communicate on their ground in their frames of reference.  Use the IAP2 spectrum at the highest levels and you will discover a whole new world of community engagement.

The National Advisory Council on State and Local Budgeting Recommended Budget Practices includes recommendations for stakeholder input throughout the planning and budgeting process.” Government Finance Officers Association


Nicholas, Gayle (14 Aug 2013) Submission re the Sale of Land

Submission to Monash Council Re Notice of Intention to Sell Land

In 2013 Monash Council proposed to sell not only the aged care residence but the land in Mulgrave on which it stood.  The option of leasing the business and keeping the land was not considered.  I spoke to this submission in a special Council meeting.


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