VOTE 1 Gayle Nicholas

Glen Waverley Ward


Would be wonderful to see a woman with great integrity and genuine commitment to the local community represented on council. Wishing you all the very best Gayle – you have fought hard for important local issues and always did this respectfully.
Facebook 4 Oct 2016

Congratulations Gayle,
I am not surprised at your decision to stand for Council. I was thinking the other day that we need people like you Gayle. Someone who will “fight the good fight” and who will listen to what people want in this community.
Best Wishes Norma
Email 1 Aug 2016

Dear Gayle
What great news!  You are just the sort of person we need on Council, someone with drive and the vision to guide the City in the right direction.
Very best wishes
Email 31 July 2016

This is an exciting and refreshing prospect for Monash Council.
Facebook 27 July 2016

My good friend Gayle is standing for local council……she is passionate about our community……please consider Gayle Nicholas if you are dissatisfied with things as they stand.
Facebook 27 July 2016

Thanks for your good wishes Gayle, and all the best for your future efforts. You are a champion. It is certainly distressing that not-for- profit groups seem to be divesting themselves of Aged Care facilities. And I think you are right to query Monash Council’s processes.
Email 21 Jan 2014

Good on you keep up the brave fight you strong woman
Email 16 Jan 2014



One thought on “Testimonials

  1. So pleased to see a woman of great integrity standing for Council! Gayle you are genuinely committed to the Monash community and have worked tirelessly to support your local community. It will be a breath of fresh air to have someone like you representing our community on council. I hope that Monash residents remember how hard you fought to save the home of our elderly citizens. I greatly admire your commitment to community. Best of luck!


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